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The initial HSW (Health and Safety at Work) training session for the administrative employee (szkol. po angielsku)

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Opis szkolenia:

We invite you to undertake compulsory training in the field of occupational safety and health, organized in the form of self-directed education, in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Economy and Labor of 27 July 2004 on compulsory OSH training (Journal of Laws of 2004, No. 180 , item 1860 with later amendments).

Cena zawiera:

  1. Dostęp do materiałów szkoleniowych
  2. Zaświadczenie dostępne od ręki
  3. Egzamin-test nieograniczony czasem i ilością podejść
  4. Konsultacje z wykładowcą szkolenia i profesjonalne doradztwo
  5. Opłatę za przesyłkę Certyfikatu


MODULE I – The essence of HSW
Definitions of the hsw concept - Responsibilities of HSW training - The system of training -
Characteristics and types of training - Framework program of periodic training for employers and employees - Organization and methodology of work safety regulations training
MODULE II – Labour law
Sources of labour law - The basic principles of labour law - Internal units of control and supervision - External units of control and supervision - Employer’s respondibilities in the HSW field - Employees’ Respondibilities in the HSW field - Worker’s rights - Disciplinary penalties
MODULE III – Accidents in the work-place
Definition of accident - Division of accidents on account of the effect - Types of accidents; Causes of accidents - Accident insurance - Benefits arising from accidents in the work-place - When does ZUS refuse the paying-out of benefits? - Compensation from employer - Employer obligations due to accidents in the work-place - Occupational diseases - Employer obligations with respect to occupational diseade issues
MODULE IV – Ergonomics in the work-place
The Ergonomic concept - What does ergonomics encompass; Components of ergonomics - Labour productivity - Working with desk-top or lap-top copmuters (requirements regarding lighting, the monitor and keyboard, the work-station and chair) - Workplace diversification - The effects of the burden of static effort; Symptoms associated with extended computer work - Air temperaturę in the workplace - The work space
MODULE V – Factors harmful and troublesome in the work-place
Employer responsibilities - Classification of harmful factors - Harmful factors in work environment - The NDN and NDS concept - Physical factors - Mechanical factors - Chemical factors - Psychophysical factors - Defining occupational hazards
MODULE VI – Preclinical frist aid
What is frist-aid? - What do we need to remember? - The duty of administering frist-aid - Obligation of the employer - Equipment in the frist-aid kit - Frist-response actions - Face masks for mount to mouth resuscitation - Foli insulation - Chain of experience - Choking; Bleeding from the nose - Internal bleeding - Fractures, Burns - Automatic outside defibrillator
MODULE VII – Fire protection
The definitione of fire - How fires start - The fire group types - Hand-held fire equipment - Types of fire extinguishers - Fire extinguisher placement and fire-fighting points - Operating fire extinguishers - Fire extinguisher parts and components - Manual fire alarms - Evacuation signs and evacuation procedures -
Contacting the fire service