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A periodic HSW (Health and Safety at Work) training session for the office-administrative employee (szkol. po angielsku)

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Opis szkolenia:

A periodic HSW (Health and Safety at Work) training session for the administrative employee
This training mets the regulation of the Minister of Economy ond Labour of 27th July 2004, stating that periodic HSW (health and safety at work) training for employers and employees may be done through a from of self-education or in the from of e-learning.

Cena zawiera:

  1. Dostęp do materiałów szkoleniowych
  2. Zaświadczenie dostępne od ręki
  3. Egzamin-test nieograniczony czasem i ilością podejść
  4. Konsultacje z wykładowcą szkolenia i profesjonalne doradztwo
  5. Opłatę za przesyłkę Certyfikatu


MODULE I – The essence of HSW
Definitions of the hsw concept - Responsibilities of HSW training - The system of training -
Characteristics and types of training - Framework program of periodic training for employers and employees - Organization and methodology of work safety regulations training
MODULE II – Labour law
Sources of labour law - The basic principles of labour law - Internal units of control and supervision -
External units of control and supervision - Employer’s respondibilities in the HSW field - Employees’ Respondibilities in the HSW field - Worker’s rights - Disciplinary penalties
MODULE III – Accidents in the work-place
Definition of accident - Division of accidents on account of the effect - Types of accidents; Causes of accidents - Accident insurance - Benefits arising from accidents in the work-place - When does ZUS refuse the paying-out of benefits? - Compensation from employer - Employer obligations due to accidents in the work-place - Occupational diseases - Employer obligations with respect to occupational diseade issues
MODULE IV – Ergonomics in the work-place
The Ergonomic concept - What does ergonomics encompass; Components of ergonomics - Labour productivity - Working with desk-top or lap-top copmuters (requirements regarding lighting, the monitor and keyboard, the work-station and chair) - Workplace diversification - The effects of the burden of static effort; Symptoms associated with extended computer work - Air temperaturę in the workplace - The work space
MODULE V – Factors harmful and troublesome in the work-place
Employer responsibilities - Classification of harmful factors - Harmful factors in work environment - The NDN and NDS concept - Physical factors - Mechanical factors - Chemical factors - Psychophysical factors - Defining occupational hazards
MODULE VI – Preclinical frist aid
What is frist-aid? - What do we need to remember? - The duty of administering frist-aid - Obligation of the employer - Equipment in the frist-aid kit - Frist-response actions - Face masks for mount to mouth resuscitation - Foli insulation - Chain of experience - Choking; Bleeding from the nose - Internal bleeding - Fractures, Burns - Automatic outside defibrillator
MODULE VII – Fire protection
The definitione of fire - How fires start - The fire group types - Hand-held fire equipment - Types of fire extinguishers - Fire extinguisher placement and fire-fighting points - Operating fire extinguishers - Fire extinguisher parts and components - Manual fire alarms - Evacuation signs and evacuation procedures -
Contacting the fire service